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The tendency to move from Outlook Express to Outlook is not a new one. People have been seen doing so for numbers of reasons. It is done to seek out a much advance email client or to integrate the facilities of emails with that of calendar, notes, tasks, journals, etc. Adding to that scenario, there is also the search that people are seen engaging in, to obtain the best solution for job, which is to efficiently Migrate DBX to PST.

Ascertain a solution to Convert a DBX file to PST

This search would always come to a successful end with the DBX to PST converter. Designed with the latest technique appertain to the job, this software is preferred on various accounts to Convert a DBX file to PST. Even though a third party solution, this software would invariable ease out the conversion for you, wrapping up the whole procedure in 3-4 clicks. For its ability of batch conversion this software would be immensely useful for time-saving.

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Trial with complete demonstration

This one facility comes for free and is aimed at making the viewer understand the whole of conversion procedure. It demonstrates the conversion of 10 mails, which could be easily continued for the rest with the License Key (which is for $69).

List of facilities to Convert a DBX file to PST

  • Any numbers of emails could be converted
    The software is capable of taking up on the conversion of hundreds of emails on a daily basis. You can convert then one by one or in batches.
  • Automated generation of new files
    Having converted the data, to get them managed, the software automatically provides new files.
  • Facilities for both conversion and management of files
    After converting the files from various email folders (inbox, deleted items, etc), you are given the choice, whether you want them saved in same folder or in separate folder.
  • Emails are retained with original information and formatting
    Every information like To, Cc, Bcc, etc is retained in the same text style, font size, background and the rest of the formatting, with which it was originally created.
  • Windows OS compatible
    You did be lucky to own any Windows OS versions, for as it happens this tool is wholly Windows based.

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